With technology playing an increasingly prominent role in the operations of buildings and with cybercrime becoming more of a concern for operational technology, we recognised the need to have robust building cyber security in place.

To assist with this focus, members of our Asset Management team attended the Intelligent Building Conference (IBcon) in 2017, after attending for the first time last year.

Held in San Diego, California, IBcon is a global event that brings together professionals, thought leaders and subject matter experts across the commercial and corporate real estate industry. For Mirvac, the conference presented a great opportunity to learn from, and share information with, peers from all parts of the globe.

Going to IBcon highlighted the strength of the cyber security protocols we already have in place. Mirvac’s IT team have been conducting annual penetration tests for several years now, ensuring that all our offices have strong boundary layers so people cannot gain unauthorised access to the networks and information within.

Following IBcon, we have strengthened our approach even further by implementing a formal cyber security policy and conducting network architecture audits. We are also developing a strategy to further enhance cyber security across our buildings, and are exploring sophisticated network architecture and advanced anti-virus agents. We have shared our IBcon learnings across the Group, raising our collective awareness and keeping this issue top of mind for everyone.