In February this year, we launched Marrick & Co in Sydney’s inner west: a 220-apartment development on the old Marrickville Hospital site.

While Marrick & Co is situated on a site with unique heritage, and in an area with a strong sense of community, this project is special for another very important reason: it is also the first development in NSW to be recognised as a One Planet Living community.

One Planet Living is a holistic rating system based on the planet’s capacity to support life, and encourages people to lead happy, healthy lives using only their fair share of the Earth’s resources. To receive this accreditation, developments must be designed in accordance with 10 principles across carbon, waste, transport, materials, food, water, wildlife, community, economy and happiness.

Creating a One Planet Living community was important to Mirvac as it was one of the commitments we’d made as part of our sustainability strategy, This Changes Everything, to improve the built environment.

"One Planet Living communities must aim to produce just 0.8 tonnes of carbon a year per person by 2050, and an ecological footprint of 1.25 global hectares per person by 2050. "
tonnes of carbon a year per person by 2050

Bringing the Marrick & Co vision to life has certainly been a collaborative effort. Throughout the design and development process, Mirvac has worked closely with Inner West Council (formerly Marrickville Council) to ensure the finished product will deliver genuine value to the local community. With this in mind, Mirvac has committed to building Inner West Council’s new library and community hub on site, as well as making 4 per cent of apartments affordable housing. Five Livable Housing Australia gold level apartments will also be provided, improving accessibility for the elderly and those with disabilities.

“The collaborative way in which both council and Mirvac have approached this project is a game-changer for future development,” said Mirvac’s General Manager of Residential Development NSW, Toby Long. “The needs and wants of the community have been put first and foremost in the design and provision of both public and private amenity.”

At Marrick & Co, sustainability is just the start. The development includes a range of environmental features, from rainwater capture and reuse, to LED lighting, as well as electric car charge points, bicycle storage, a shared street library, and community garden to make it easier for residents to live sustainable lifestyles.

ecological footprint of

global hectares per person by 2050


Kim Bazeley from Mirvac Design said that Marrick & Co has the power to touch lives, especially through details like the community gardens. “It’s not just a big picture vision, it’s a critical part of people having a sustainable life and environment,” she said. “We’ve spent a huge amount of effort on these aspects, which will make it a great place to live.”